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Grand Forks Central School Goals

  1. To demonstrate high academic achievement, including a high graduation rate and a challenging curriculum for all students.
  2. To achieve a high rate of post-secondary success among graduates resulting from curriculum and programs that provide meaningful learning opportunities for all students.
  3. To be a model for cooperative and supportive relationships among all members of the community.
  4. To utilize innovative technology and interdisciplinary curriculum that personalizes and extends students' learning and instruction.
  5. To maintain a global perspective by acknowledging the blending of cultural groups and ethnic backgrounds with respect for individual, cultural, religious, and political differences.
  6. To strive to maintain a highly skilled faculty and staff that are instrumental in developing, modifying, and enriching curriculum and programs to meet the needs of all students.
  7. To encourage and facilitate total student involvement in cocurricular and extracurricular programs.