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Bill is the oldest of seven Gambucci children, and lives in Minneapolis with his wife Melissa.  He is a business lawyer and has two children, Willie, who works in Fine Arts in Brooklyn, NY; and Mia who is a senior studying Evolutionary Biology and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin.  While at GFC, Bill was a two time State Singles Tennis Champion (1967 & 1968). He also was a member of two State Championship Hockey teams (the undefeated 1967 team and the 1968 title team as well).

Bill earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota, where he was a member of the Gopher hockey team. While earning his law degree at the University of North Dakota, Bill served as the head coach of men’s tennis.

“Looking back at it now 47 years later, I realize that every teammate, opposing player, coach and educator I came in contact with as a high school athlete faced their own unique challenges. This, as I see it, sets every school apart. Competing in athletics at GFC was the beginning of a sports journey that I’m still on. Whether I’m on the tennis court as a player or watching a game as a fan, I try to be in touch with what I’ve learned in high school – be a good sport and always respect the game.”

A significant high school memory for Bill was right after the 1968 state tennis tournament. With his dad, (Serge), behind the wheel and the team piled in a station wagon driving between Bismarck and Grand Forks. “I remember we were all laughing, listening to the radio, and talking. I had just won my second consecutive state singles championship and was graduating in a few days. I knew I would be moving into the dorms at the University of Minnesota in the fall. That moment, in that car ride was a very special time for me.”