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Dana earned several honors while at GFC. She was all conference and all state in all of the sports she participated in. In 2000, 2001, & 2002 Dana was an All EDC in basketball. She earned All State honors in basketball in 2002, along with being the team MVP and best offensive player, and was a Miss Basketball Finalist. Dana still holds the season and career record for assists, and is 3rd in career scoring for the girls basketball team. She was All EDC, All State, and was named to the All Tournament Team in volleyball. In 2001, Dana was the state champion in both the shot put and the javelin. Her winning throw in the javelin was a state meet record. She repeated as the shot put champion in 2002 and was runner up in the javelin.

When asked what sets GFC apart from other high schools, she stated, the biggest thing is the feeling of community that you have while there, everyone is so supportive and willing to help wherever and whenever it is needed.

A significant memory of GFC is beating Red River on a buzzer beater shot, on our home court, and having the whole crowd rush the floor.

Dana’s advice to current GFC students is to “Get Involved”. “It’s so cliché’ to say that the time really flies, but it does. Join teams, participate in activities, be proactive. The most impactful thing that I took away from GFC was the ability to relate and interact with people from every work of life. It was the first time in my life where there were 1200 people all in one place, all with similar goals but with such a variety of backgrounds and upbringings.”