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Duaine began his career in radio in 1959 at KILO during his freshman year in high school. His first live play-by-play broadcast of a high school game was in 1965. Duaine currently broadcasts high school football, basketball, and hockey games. He broadcasts all 11 games of the North Dakota and Minnesota State Hockey Tournament. There have been many days that he broadcast 2 games a night at 2 different locations.  Duaine also announced UND basketball games at the Hyslop, and hockey games at the “Old Barn”. He is a member of the Grand Forks Speedway Hall of Fame.

In addition to sports broadcast, Duaine is also well-known for his Christmas season broadcast of every area high school’s Christmas program, including the Concordia College Choir. These seasonal broadcast amount to 18 hours per day of air time.

Duaine lists some of the highlights of his broadcasting career as: Having the opportunity to meet people and introduce his listeners to the high quality of performers in our area. Making trips to Minneapolis to broadcast playoff games. Road trips with Pat Sullivan, in which Sully drove, and Duaine feared for his life. Helping establish and donating to numerous sport booster clubs. Getting hit in the mouth broadcasting an EGF hockey game. The bench threw him a towel and both the game and broadcast went on.